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Our little RP Fanhaven
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kate headphones

Fandom //
Sins of the Fathers
Characters // Envy, Will Andres, Kate Chessing
Lyrics // Black Sheep by Metric
Timeline // Chapter 6: The Weight of the World

Click the link to download full sized.

Click the image to download full size.

Fandom // The Celestial Song
Characters // Francesca (Halle Berry) & Christos (Colin Firth)
Lyrics // Necessary Evil by The Dresden Dolls
Info //
 you are saying nothing but your tongue is getting blacker all the timeCollapse )
Here it is, my massive Francesca mix for The Celestial Song, complete with cover art and excessive explanations! This mix is for Francesca specifically and focuses mostly on the events she was involved in/cared about and her personal experiences and emotions. I tried to the write explanations in present tense, like a story you're experiencing as you read it (like playing a campaign....) so you could listen to the songs while you read it. Hence, please forgive any tense errors... and I hope you enjoy it :)
A couple last-minute reading notes: italics - indicate story/plot; normal - personal thoughts or experiences that needed additional explanation besides what was in the story
Song titles and lyrics incorporated
 in the summary. 
Very heavy on the Christos/Francesca because... well, it's pretty heavy to Francesca too, especially in CS. :)
Actually it's so long I had to do 2 posts... The second post immediately follows this one ;)

This post includes the rest of the story/songs and has the .rar file at the end for download.

tmi asshat
Fandom // The Celestial Song universe
Cast // Nad'lyn Zau'lyl
Title // Getaway
Takes Place // In the Shadow World, 1800s
Info // Sort of an early birthday present for Karen!

If I could ride this slide into forever
What would I give to getaway
That pain that stayed
Seemed like forever
What would you give to getaway

What would you give to getawayCollapse )

Fandom // Knights of Legend
Characters // Christos and Francesca
Song // The Dress Looks Nice on You by Sufjan Stevens

Click the image for full size.
06 08 11 - Icons: SOF

Just a quick icon spam ;)


and versions 1 and 2 of this one:
 maya_wtf v.2 

Fandom: The Celestial Song
King Marcus Andres and Queen Alainn Andres
Lyrics: Us by Regina Spektor

Fandom //
Sins of the Fathers
Characters // Christos La Krail (Colin Firth), Pride (Gavin Rossdale)
Lyrics // I'm Dying by Vast
Timeline // Chapter Six: The Weight of the World

Click the image to download full size.

look up

Fandom // Sins of the Fathers
Characters // Maya La Krail Hellsing
Lyrics // The Apocalypse Song by St. Vincent
Timeline // Chapter 6: The Weight of the World
told ya so

Fandom // Sins of the Fathers
Characters // Alucard x Integra
Lyrics // Love Song for a Vampire by Annie Lennox
Timeline // Chapter Five: Tempest

Click the image to download full size.


Fandom // Sins of the Fathers
Characters // Damon Hellsing, Maya La Krail Hellsing, Alucard
Lyrics // Six Gun Quota by Seether
Timeline // Chapter 6: The Weight of the World

Click the image to download full size.
A first attempt at leaving a lot of negative space on a background. I am no good at leaving things open, I generally plaster stuff everywhere when I make wallpapers because I feel that every surface has to have something on it. But some of the best wallpapers I have seen have a lot of open space. So I tried it. Not too sure how well it worked, but this is the finished product. The song is off of one of the recent mixes I made, about the car ride that Siochan and Maya took while they had their huge talk. Best car ride ever!

Fandom: Sins of the Fathers
Characters: Siochan and Maya
Timeline: Chapter 5: Tempest
Lyrics: Who You Are by Jessie J.

This came to me suddenly while I was riding in the car today. I got the song in game and it has always been one of my favorite scenes in Twilight, and I wanted a wallpaper of it. So here it is!!

Characters: Bella Swan and Jacob Black
Lyrics: Broken by Lifehouse
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